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eg. Struisbaai | 6 May 2021 or next month

Any questions, concerns or requirements.

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Any kind of photography can be very intimidating, especially when small children are involved. These tips will help you to get the picture perfect portraits you were looking for.

  • Just be yourself and enjoy the day!
  • Make an effort and plan - You are paying good money for these photo's so look your best.
  • Chose a Location - Explore the outdoor option. Especially if you prefer the natural style of photography. 
  • Use a Theme Choose a theme to work with!! 
  • Props - Have you got a favorite mirror, painting,chair, sport, fruit, food or action?
  • Time – Early mornings are the best!!   The alternative is the afternoon around 5o'clock when the magical light start creeping up on us again. 
  • Be realistic -The whole point of the session is to capture the essence of you or your family. The more comfortable you are, the more it will show in the photographs.
  • Think about where you will display your photos – 
  • Is it about quantity or quality, to use for canvas printing?
  • Trust - Trust your photographer and try and enjoy it! Maybe you have been waiting for months to have this special time recorded by a professional, so be determined to make the most of it! And look at the camera - or don't.

Kind Regards