Beautiful Creative Portraits


If you’re one of those people who are petrified of being in front of the camera, I get it. I know it’s scary and you don’t want to face those fears about putting yourself out there. After all, you’re just trying to run a business, not become a model, am I right? Well, the truth is, in 2021, running a business IS about putting yourself out there, not just doing the work.

Have a look at the writer, Chanette Paul's latest shoot. With these photos her readers can have a look into her creative day, where she write, her gardening activities etc.. These photos can be used in her social media posts, in her stationary, e-mail headers etc.

Let's put you on the map, create content, fuel your social connections, build your brand and sell your product(s).

Be who you are

Chanette paul did a branding/portfolio photo shoot

“and that is why I believe, and always remind myself, you can not be unkind to somebody just because their loud, or laugh too much, or wear turquoise. Somewhere inside that dress is somebody quiet, intelligent and sad, somebody who had to save herself, somebody who had to make a deal to survive”

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