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Family portraiture can be very intimidating, especially when small children are involved. These tips will help you to get the picture perfect portraits you were looking for.

Things you can do to ensure that you get beautiful photos.

Firstly, you need to just be yourself and enjoy the day!

Make an effort and plan - You are paying good money for these photos so don't look as though you have just come home from the school run in the rain! You don't have to look like you are off to a ball either, but look your best! Take a hairbrush and touch up makeup with you, as sessions can run up to a couple of hours.

Chose a Location - Explore the outdoor option. Especially if you prefer the natural style of photography.  I try a mix of the home wall-backdrops and out in the garden. Even just to break up the session as children get bored so easily.

- You can chose to do an inside Family shoot. For this we have to ensure good lighting. One of the most important things for me as a photographer, is light. The amount of light available in a room, determines the outcome of the photos. If you like natural photos, I suggest you select a room or patio with lots of natural light.  White walls are always the first choice!

Use a Theme

Choose a theme to work with!! I know this can sound really corny but I can assure you that it will help to bring a group together and give your images cohesiveness. For example, all family members can dress in blue, whatever shade they wanted. This ensured that everyone would be wearing a similar color and everyone would coordinate. Other themes include things like denim, dressing all in white, or everyone wearing the same hat in various sizes. Use your imagination! At the very least try to all dress in either cool tones (white, grey, blues) warm colors (red, orange, yellow) or natural tones (white, creams, browns, damped greens). Maybe … Steer clear of the traditional matching jeans and white shirts look which can look dated.

Props - Have you got a favorite mirror, painting or chair? Prop it in front of an open wall, or let’s take it outside! Have a picnic blanket, basket of apples or other fruits, books to read etc.,  Think of something you like to do with your time? (Playing games, like chest, reading, eating, walking etc.) Bring one of these things to aid as a prop. 

Time – Early mornings are the best!!   After breakfast and a quick clean up and dress up, everyone is still fresh and lively.  The bonus are that the light are still a bit magical before 10 in the morning.

The alternative is the afternoon around 5 then the magical light start creeping up on us again.  You could work in an afternoon nap and maybe get the young ones to co-operate by getting every-one interacting.  

We need to work fast with little ones and bring non staining snacks. Think dry and non-chocolate like raisins, fruit buttons or crackers! Talk to them beforehand if they are old enough and explain what you are going to do. Don't make them feel rushed, they will dig their heels in.

Be realistic -The whole point of the session is to capture your family. You won't look like the family in the department store adverts because they are not real! The more comfortable you are the more it will show in the photographs.


Think about where you will display your photos – 

Is it about quantity or quality, to use for canvas printing?

Ask the photographer for a digital package if you want to create a printed photo book. - Photo book rates start from R600 to R 5 000,00 (depending on size and cover choice), contact me if you are interested in a certain number of Photo books to calculate a custom rate for you

Ask for mixing and matching detailed shots in between natural and formal posed ones, if you prefer collage on Facebook to tell a story.

Ask if you would like one to use as a cheesy family holiday card so we will have a few in our Christmas jumpers!

Or do this need to be more classic in styling

Trust - Trust your photographer and try and enjoy it! Maybe you have been waiting for months to have this special time recorded by a professional, so be determined to make the most of it! And look at the camera!

Please contact me if you have any queries regarding any of the services.


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